4 Questions to Consider When Choosing A Church

This is a very helpful resource.

Gospel Relevance

If you are in the process of choosing a church, or know someone who is, some sort of criteria for the decision-making process can be helpful. But there’s no reason to nit-pick until the cows come home. Every church has its flaws. If you find a church that’s perfect and then become a member it will, then, well, no longer be perfect.

So where do we start? In his book, Rescuing Ambition, Dave Harvey proposes four questions — to go along with follow-up questions — as a helpful guide. These questions are certainly not exhaustive nor comprehensive, but they do portray a healthy outline for what we should primarily look for.

Harvey suggests that we ask the following questions:

1) What are the church’s values and vision? What does the church teach? It is sound, biblical doctrine? Is the gospel at the heart of what the church is about? And…

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