Art and the Artist

If you looked at the Mona Lisa, you would think of Da’Vinci too. Why? Because he painted it… Simple.

Yet many people admire beaches, sunsets, sunrises, mountains, rock formations, and even other people, without so much as thinking of God who by his Creativity made all things. Beaches alone are more amazing than any painting could ever be. Why not consider God who made everything?

We paint things that God made first. That makes God’s works more original and incredible than all the painting of all the art galleries in the world.

It’s so sad that though God made us to enjoy what he made, yet we fail to consider Him or give him thanks for it. If we can give a humble human credit for a painting, why would people not give credit to God who made the artist. Why are we so ungrateful?

Let’s give thanks to God, and alway remember His works!


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