Baltimore: three essential thoughts

Three things to keep in mind about the Baltimore riots.

It’s not about race

The Bible said long ago, that we are all made from one man (Acts 17:26). Recently, science has confirmed this. The fine distinction, is that this is not about race but rather about our perception of race. It’s a fine distinction. But it’s fundamental. People see an ethnic group as different so they treat them different to their own. Those beliefs drive their attitude. So they hate one another.

True belief matters. If people falsely see one ethnic group as different then they will treat them differently. But if we put our minds on the truth, that we are all made from the same ancestor, then we will treat each other with the respect and love we all want. Truth can change the situation.

Universe cause

Whether it’s a police officer excessively applying force or a rioter hurling rocks, both have the same motivation. Whether it’s the one who throws their fist at another or the one who retaliates with violence, they have the same motivation. All people who do wrong, all people who harm other, are motivated by human nature polluted by sin. And just as we all came from one man, so we have all inherited this nature from this one man too.

Sin caused universal human separation from God. In fact, sin made us enemies of God. This division in turn caused turmoil in humanity. Wars, riots and fights all come from this. Yet, God demonstrates His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us (Roman 5:8).

The only solution

Regardless of the problem: racial conflict, excessive force or hate another person, the only solution is a message that changes not only the mind but also the heart. The Gospel is the good news that Jesus has broken down the walls of enmity within himself. The enmity that divided nations and peoples Jesus has destroyed, but taking upon himself all the sin of the World.

This is a powerful and simple truth that can change you. If you trust in Jesus alone, you can be saved. Saved from this messy world. Saved from separation from God. Saved from the wrath of God.


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