What is Christianity about? The Answer is Here

The point of life is to know God. The problem of life is that we don’t know God because we are separated from God by our sins. The point of Christianity is to be reconciled to God by the finished work of Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead. Jesus is exclusively the only person who can restore this relationship.

In the beginning

God made us in a perfect real world where God sustained all things and no one could suffer or die. God’s sustaining power was everywhere, keeping us satisfied in Him, safe and alive. His eternal sustaining power gave us unlimited life. His eternal sustaining power meant that we had unlimited satisfaction. His constant sustaining power meant that we never suffered. God was our complete, consistent and constant Sustainer.

Human responsibility

God made a perfect universe, perfect life and a perfect human couple (our first ancestors). They could have children (painlessly) and raise those children without anxiety for their future, because God was their sustainer.

There was however one important point we cannot overlook: God made man with a free will. Mankind, both male and female, could freely choose to do anything they wanted within the available options of things and pleasures God had made.

This is the exact point where the free will gets interesting. Because God made the human couple to love Him and be loved by Him, God gave the man the freedom to choose to love or not love God.

God gave the man and woman one choice, a small choice with big consequences, to love or not love God.

He said, “don’t eat of that tree”. All the other trees they could eat from, but not that one tree. A small choice with huge significance, for if they loved God they would not eat. If they chose to eat of that one tree, however, the significance would be lovelessness and the effect deadly.

It wasn’t too much to ask. God had made the man and woman and had given them life. God had given the man and woman everything to enjoy except one thing. If God gave man life, He certainly could tell him what to do with it. And He only told us one thing we must not do.

There was a problem

We did it. And since God told us what to do with the life He gave us and we disobeyed that, our life became an outstanding debt. More than this, because God is Holy (pure and so set apart exclusively) we became separated from Him because of this disobedience. And since we were separated from God’s sustaining power, we began to break down. Accidents started happening. Mutations in our DNA began occurring, causing incredible suffering. Animals became violent. Humans too, separated from God’s sustaining power, became lawless and violent. Things, people and animals began to wind down and die.

Things have gone from bad to worse since then. But God still loved us and wants to save us.

Problem Solved: Jesus

God created us by His Word. This Biblical truth is proven in science, by the DNA code which encodes the complex prescriptive information making what was otherwise inanimate matter alive.

Since we disobeyed God’s Word, we could only be saved by God’s Word. But humans had sinned and so it was a human who owed life. So how could God’s Word save us?

The Word of God, which made all things, entered into the creation He made and took on a human body. “The Word became Flesh” (John 1:14). The Word that wrote the DNA code acquired one in the Womb of a woman. The Word that created the human body entered one and dwelt among us. We knew this person as Jesus. Jesus is the person of the Word of God, we know Him as the Son of God, and He has always lived with God the Father from the beginning (John 1:1).

Jesus, the incarnate Person of the Word of God, then died pouring out His eternal life on a common criminal’s execution device, a cross, so that you and I could be (a) forgiven, by paying the debt, (b) given life (c) reconciled to God, because the dispute is over and the debt paid.

The Math of Eternity

How did one life save all lives? This is a simple question to answer and can be rephrased as: How was one person’s life able give life to so many billions of humans who have lived?

The answer to this lies in the Eternality of Christ.

Jesus was the eternal person of the Word of God. He always had been before time. And he always will be. His life is infinite, without limits, everlasting. As breathtaking as the concept of eternal life is, it is important to take in what this means.

Eternal life of Christ is greater than human debt

If you add up all the lives that ever lived, you would still have a limited sum of mortal human life. That grand total of all human life is less than the infinitely limitless amount of eternal life. This means the total debt of all human life that ever lived without obeying God is less than the infinitely unlimited eternal life of Christ, God’s Word become flesh.

This means the debt is paid in full, for all sin, ever committed. God paid a huge price to pay your debt. You can be reconciled to him.

Eternal life is unlimited

If you take some life from eternal life, you still have eternal life, because eternal life is infinite and limitless. Like an ever renewing fountain of life, it will never drain nor be diminished.

This means that Christ’s eternal life and can benefit the whole of mankind.

Eternal life’s effect on Death

If someone with eternal life suffers death in their body and enters the grave, then death and the grave is destroyed and that eternal life continues to live, because eternal life is unbreakable and infinitely limitless.

Amazing Grace

Such an amazing reality is this: that Christ would pay our debt. Greater love has no man than this: that he lays his life down for his friends. But Jesus died for us while we were God’s enemies, so that we could become his friends.

Those who have received God’s forgiveness are reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.

Turn to Jesus today. Follow Him. Find out more of what He did by reading the Bible.


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