Grow in Christ

Here we attempt to link you to useful ministries and resources for furthering your growth in Jesus. This page is intended for those who believe in Jesus as Lord and Saviour and want their faith in Jesus to grow.

Every new believer has been reconciled to God by the death of his Son, and therefore has a relationship with God on the authority of Jesus Christ.

As you grow in faith, you will realise the importance of spending time in God’s Word, in his presence, with his people and remembering his Son. This means that a healthy Christian life is nourished by reading the Bible (God’s Word), prayer, fellowship at a biblical church, and participating in communion.

It is also important that you get baptised as a way of expressing your new life in Christ. The word “baptism” means to be immersed. It’s practice is symbolic of dying to self with Christ (being immersed in the water) and being raised with Christ in newness of life (being raised out of the water. Baptism and communion are the two sacraments Jesus himself instituted.

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