Incoherent Atheist Bias

Atheists obviously differ with creationists. Amusingly, they will masquerade their idea that the universe caused itself as ‘science’ and the idea that the universe was created (caused) as ‘religious’. Yet scratch the surface and their incoherency shows. 

What creationists and atheists may agree to

  1. The universe had a beginning. No one who seriously engages with the evidence really disputes this. 
  2. All things that begin to exist require a cause. Science presupposes this, reason does too and everyday experience agrees. 
  3. Thus, the universe had a cause. 

The unnecessary controversy

It is logical to believe that something was caused by something that preexisted it. On the other side, it is incorrect to think that something could preexist itself in order to cause itself. 

It is illogical to believe that the natural world managed to preexist itself in order to cause itself. That is ridiculous. 

The universe (all of nature) must have been caused something, or someone, beyond nature. Since the universe is all time, space and matter, the universe must have been created by something other than itself, ie timeless, spaceless and immaterial. 

It is incoherent to say that the natural world was caused by the natural processes, that are themselves derived from nature. Yet this is exactly the claim of atheism. 

It is correct to say that the universe was caused (ie created) by God. 

The Bias

If you take one look at the Wikipedia article for “creationism”, you will find that the numerous internet atheists will argue differently. They will tell you that the logical idea that the universe could not have made itself is a religious idea. They will then boldy proclaim that the universe did in fact somehow make itself, which would have required it to exist before it existed to act as its own cause. They will argue that this is ‘science’. Whatever they mean by this science, it’s not what put planes in the air or men on the moon – it’s just incoherent atheist bias. 

The universe was created by God (Gensis 1:1). 

Find out how to know God here. 


How did life begin?

How did life begin? This is a question that intrigues scholars and the average person alike. Science has shown that the trillions of cells, that make up our bodies, are unfathomably complex with prescriptive information codes at their very core. This issue has two layers that point strongly in one direction: authorship

Spontaneous generation

In medieval times, it was commonly thought that rats, flies and other vermin spontaneously came into existence in certain conditions such as dark and moist cavities (rats) or meat (flies). This belief was handed down from pagan philosophy, centuries before. It was an ignorant and superstitious belief that was largely due to our ancestors’ lack of understanding of life cycles.

Spontaneous generation was soon exposed as false by Rene and Pasteur who demonstrated the doctrine of biogenesis: that life comes from life. The idea that life could spontaneously arise in certain favourable conditions was disproved by robust experiments.

But recently, atheists have revived the old superstition of spontaneous generation and given it a new name. But more about that in a moment.

Chicken or egg? What came first?

Life has many important components but DNA, RNA and proteins (made of amino acids) are essential. Without any one of these three components, life is impossible. DNA is the prescriptive information code that carries the instructions for the blueprint of life. Proteins perform many functions include reading, writing and proof reading DNA and RNA. RNA is a prescriptive information code that is less durable than DNA but more versatile. Proteins transcribe DNA instructions into the temporal code of RNA. A specific type of RNA is used by proteins to produce proteins. But a further type of protein is then needed to fold the proteins so they can function.

Without DNA, there are no instructions or blueprints for proteins. Without RNA, the DNA instructions cannot be translated into proteins. Without Proteins, the DNA and RNA instructions cannot be read, replicated, executed or proof read.

Subscribers to the newly revived superstition of spontaneous generation are trying to cloak superstition with science. Different ideas have been put forward. One idea is that life started when a strand of DNA accidentally formed. Those who push this view point out that proteins require DNA instructions. DNA is exceedingly more stable than RNA. Others argued that, DNA is too rigid, but RNA is more flexible and that is was what spontaneously strung itself together. While some others claim a protein world hypothesis, where a complex protein suddenly formed in a bubbling soup of amino acids. They would point out the RNA is far too unstable to support life.

The fact is they’re all half right. DNA is too inflexible and cannot replicate itself. RNA is incredibly unstable and would not be able to remain stable for long enough to spontaneously generate into meaningful codes. Both DNA and RNA wouldn’t be able to replicate without proteins. And the protein world view is dead in the premordial soup, too, since proteins do not carry their own instructions. Protiens are completely dependant on DNA and RNA for instruction on how to form and function. They all have a deeper problem.

Encoded Information

The difference between life and non life is the existence of functionally specified complexity, which is information. This is not any type information either, but prescriptive information. The question “how did life begin?” can be phrased “How did all that prescriptive information get there?”

The information encoded in DNA is incredibly complex. It is not merely functional or shannon information but a very specifically prescriptive information code. It has not only data but also metadata. In fact, there is more metadata than basic data. Much of the data is contingent on the metadata. This is apparent in DNA splicing. DNA splicing is a process where different parts of multiple genes will be cross read to reveal another code. For example, if you took the capitalised letters out of the following words, you would have “creation”: inCRedible Evidence ATtracts thInking Observers Normally. It can do this because of the metadata in the DNA that tells the protein how to read the code. This is just another reason why mutations can’t improve the genome overall, even when beneficial, since one improvement in one gene will inevitably destroy other genes.

Authorship of life

“By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.” (Heb 11:3)

The best explanation for encoded prescriptive information is an intelligent author. Human experience, common sense and science supports this.

The Bible teaches all things were made by the word of God (Hebrews 11:3; Genesis 1). So it is no surprise that there is a code in all living things and natural laws that underlie the universe. DNA is a written record of God’s prescription for living things. God made all things by His word and that is why it is so finely tuned!

But something went wrong. We were separated from the Author of life. This led to decay and eventually death. The separation was caused by sin; we had disobeyed the Word of God and so we became separated from the Author of life.

The Author of life

Thankfully, the “Word became flesh”, the very flesh it created, “and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). He came to pay the penalty of our sin on the cross so that we could live in him, reconciled with the Author of lIfe. His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

People rejected and crucified “…the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses.” (Act 3:15)

The New Religion

Since Constantine converted in c.313AD to ‘Christianity’ and made it the official religion of the Roman Empire, secular authorities have been trying to control the church. Constantine began a persecution of non-conformists. Some of these non-conformists were actually heretics, while others simply didn’t respect the authority of a secular ruler over the Kingdom of God. Since then, history has been repeating itself.

This phenomena can be described more carefully as secular authority trying to control the ideology that relates to religion. It may be by establishing a official ideology that all must adhere to, or simply by persecuting non-accepted ideology.

The separation of church and state was meant to deal with this. The idea was that by preventing the state from interfering with religion, the church would be able to express itself free of the kingdom of man.

Unfortunately, this doctrine has taken a secular twist that has allowed it to be used again for the purpose of secular control of the church.

No longer does the state wish to have an official church, but rather an ideology which replaces church with a new ‘secular’ religion.

Religion tends to be an ideological system that answers four basic questions:

(a) who are we?
(b) how did we get here?
(c) what should we so while we’re here?
(d) who is God?
Religion does not have to specifically believe in supernatural dimensions, because that would exclude many animist and pantheistic beliefs where spirituality is infused within nature as a subunit of the physical. It simply has to answer the four questions above.

This new state sponsored, media hyped, intellectually elite, politically correct religion answers all four of those questions with its basic doctrines.

(a) who are we? humanism;
(b) how did we get here? Darwinism
(c) what should we do here? Pursue happiness (humanism), be nice to each other with “equality” and “tolerance” (socialism), submit absolutely to the state (socialism/communism).
(d) who is God? because Darwinism teaches that we are the most evolved, secular humanism concludes we must be. More recently this has become so preposterous that many have suggested aliens. This doctrine has been called ‘atheism’.
As said above, this can be completely materialistic and is a form of pantheism.

The state sponsors it by promoting it’s answers to each of the four questions.

(a) the state is human centred and so individualism is the new icon of policy;
(b) huge science grants from the state to Darwinism and Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
(c) increased big governance aimed at delivering ‘happiness’ for conformists and by persecuting “intolerant” non-conformists (think christian bakers and wedding cakes).
(d) promotion of atheist ideology through “separation of church and state” while shoving secular humanism down the throat of students (ie by defining secular authority as atheists).

In the name of secularism the state now has it’s own official religion. In the name of Separation of Church and State, secularism has become a religion imposed on all.

As the state begins to try to replace the church with itself, people can hear sermons by Professors in secular humanist seminaries (‘secular’ universities), seek the counsel of humanist psychologists who ‘pastor’ the happiness-seekers, and be evangelised in schools, colleges and the media.

Thankfully, Christ has bigger better plans.

The Kingdom of God

Jesus Christ the eternal and living Word of God says, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:15)

Orlando Massacre: the Media follow up

A tragedy has occurred. Fifty lives are lost because a terrorist attacked them in the name of Islam. Strangely, the media response has been much about interpreting the events rather than reporting them.

The media are not just the town heralds. They are also the gatekeepers of information and opinion.

Few would know that anything was happening without the media reporting it, as so many have become dependant on them for impartial factual reporting. Yet impartial factual reporters today’s media is not. The herald cry their own bias. The gatekeepers only admit certain facts into your world.

In the Orlando massacre, as with all previous extremist attacks, the media sing in harmony to their own bias. Firstly, they delay giving you any perception this was done in the name of Islam. They sweetly claim there is no hate in religion. But the issue wasn’t religion generally – it was Islam specifically. One wonders, why bundle all religion together, when these terrorists only claimed to be Islamic?

By bundling radical Islam together with completely different religions, the media is able frame the problem as one of religion generally, not specifically radical Islam.

Christianity is tarred by the same brush as radical Islam. This makes attacking Christianity more easy as false religion and faithful religion are branded together by the faithless.

This framing of the issue follows soundly from the Bard of modern atheism, John Lennon, who sounded their anthem with “imagine there’s… no religion”. He sang of how his godless utopia without religion would liberate humanity from violence and atrocity. Yet reality contradicts this fantasy.

The most hated religion in the West is not Islam, but Christianity. What other religion do radical atheists and the media spend their most time attacking? What other religion was ever sued by the gay lobby for not baking a cake? Not Islam – Christianity.

Islam by strong contrast has a different reputation. No other religion is well known for 20% of it’s members sympathising with its radical extremists. No other religion but Islam has had so many professing followers kill others in the name of its religion …well except for radical atheism…


Atheism is strictly followed by its many faithful adherents. It’s core doctrines are Darwinism, Humanism, and hatred-of-God. It is a worldview that explains who we are (Humanism), how we got here (Darwinism), and what we must do in life (hatred-of-God).

In the last century, atheism has killed more people than any jihad. It’s most famous adherents included Mao Zedong who genocided more than 60,000,000 of his own people. That is excluding war casualties.

There is an earlier example. Joseph Stalin was so dedicated to his atheism, he had a picture of his prophet Darwin above his desk. He converted to Atheism after reading Darwin’s manifesto “On the Origin of the Species” at 13. He was radicalised in the communist sect of atheism and became the leader of the USSR. He is now known to have killed 20,000,000 people mostly by confiscating their food from them before Russia’s cold winters to starve them to death. The list goes on… Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge, etc etc. This is not counting abortion which has killed likely well over 100,000,000 unborn humans.


The difference between atheism and religion is that religion believes that there is a God who we are all accountable to for all our actions. The difference between all religions and faith in Jesus is simply this: Religion is about what humans do to reach God. Faith in Jesus is about what God did to reach out to us and save us.

John 3:16
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Romans 6:23
“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”